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The necessary utensils in the kitchen have to own

The smart gadget to help care for the kitchen are always more interested people learn. So have the necessary utensils in the kitchen? In a kitchen, in addition to the basic supplies that the House would also have to have like a kitchen, refrigerator, oven, cooker pot, cutlery, etc … then today, the trend that has […]

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How to cook Korean kimchi soup simple at home

Kenji is one of the most popular Korean dishes. However, there are many Vietnamese who love this dish. Especially with cold weather together with spicy hot and spicy kim chi, no one can refuse the delicious kimchi soup appeared in every meal with family. Have you ever been looking for a recipe to learn how […]

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9 Note When using the stove to avoid having graphics

Gas stove is a familiar device when cooking, but many potential immeasurable scourge that you have to be wary. To avoid unintended problems encountered please note the following: article 9 1. Pedestal stove is made of non-combustible material Stove shelves to absolutely not made or decorated with flammable material because the fire from gas in the […]

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How to use the microwave properly

Microwave, or microwaves, is a household appliance that uses microwave energy to act on water in food and thereby generate heat to cook food. It is a convenient way to cook food, warm the food in the modern kitchen of every family. Microwave oven is a great assistant in conquering the kitchen but it can […]

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